Props and costumes

YoYo have a number of props and costumes we are happy to lend - here is a list of what we have. If you would like to borow any, please call 01904 798941 or email

Lion Storyteller Bible Themes

For each story in the Lion Storyteller Bible, there are a selection of key themes, and a possible aim sentence. These may be of use to those using the storys in assemblies who wish to add an introduction, conclusion, song or game to draw out a teaching point.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture series goes through the main stories in the Bible, showing how they fit together with recurring themes. Each assembly is written to last 20 minutes and includes a Bible story, the Big Picture (how it links in with the themes) and a suggested action song. The stories are told using different techniques such as drama, puppets, poetry and music. The Big Picture series consists of 11 assemblies, usually delivered one per month over the school year. Please click on the months to download the different series.

1. September - Creation and the Fall
2. October - Abraham & Joseph
3. November – Moses and Judges
4. December – Prophets and Jesus’ Birth (not included in resource - lead a Christmas or advent based assembly)
5. January - Jesus’ Life and Ministry
6. February – The Disciples and the Last supper
7. March – Easter (not included in resource - lead an Easter themed assembly)
8. April - Pentecost
9. May - The Apostle Paul
10. June – The Growing Church
11. July – An overview assembly of how it all fits together