A huge part of YoYo's work in secondary schools is teaching RE lessons. As our aims state, YoYo seeks to 'effectively
communicate the Christian faith to children and young people in York schools' and 'serve the primary and secondary schools of York by supporting them in their teaching of the Christian faith.'

Throughout the year, RE departments invite us in to teach lessons on a full range of themes and topics, such as belief in God; prejudice and discrimination; forgiveness and medical ethics.

Our lessons are always very discussion based, encouraging young people to think and share their own thoughts, views and opinions.

At certain times during the year YoYo also lead creative workshops in Secondary school. These sometimes happen in RE lessons, but we have also worked in drama, music and English lessons in the past. Our creative workshops come in various forms such as poetry writing workshops, drama masterclasses and  creative music and songwriting classes.

If you would be interested in having YoYo teach RE lessons or lead creative workshops in your school, please contact us.