Did you know that our very own Executive Officer Tony Bower is a published author? Tony excels in creating and performing drama and poetry workshops in schools, and here he has published a collection of scripts, poems, prayers, and dramatic readings, all about some ground-breaking encounters with Jesus.

These can be used in schools and churches, for lessons, assemblies, and services to impact and inspire.

“Let's go back nearly 2,000 years, to a big city in the back-water province of Palestine. Many people back in the city of Jerusalem were about to have an encounter with a man they would never, ever forget.

Even though Pilate washed his hands of an innocent man, how could he ever forget his conversation about truth with the 'king of the Jews'? A Soldier would always remember the words of the man on the cross. But, that's not all. This man died and was buried. Three days later... people... encountered... the same man..... alive. Surely, that was an encounter that they would never forget. And this man's name is Jesus.”

You can read some sample chapters and purchase Tony’s book online here. If you are interested in having Tony or the YoYo team come to your church or school please get in touch.