Tony writes:

Over a period of two weeks I worked in five primary schools reflecting on how faith helped soldiers fighting in the First World War.  Sharing true stories of how the Bible had literally saved someone’s life, of how a prisoner of war set up a church service and helped bring comfort and peace to fellow inmates. I showed a replica of the gospel of John that was handed out to the soldiers as they set off to those horror filled battlefields. I read a letter from a soldier who had received the gospel with derision but had later come to find courage through the Saviour.

Powerful stories of how God’s word and God’s presence can transform hearts and minds. The children wrote some poignant and powerful pieces of poetry. This is a mere handful to show the depth of their understanding, the insight in their thinking and the beauty of their words.

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Peace to the world  Charlotte

Put the war to sleep

End the shooting bullets

And give peace to the world

Cherish your Bible

Everyone deserves peace

I know I should

Never surrender

Take care of your heart

Have faith in your heart

End the panicking

Worry not

Open your hearts to others

Rest in peace soldiers who were


Let light lead you back home

Don’t let fear take over you!


I kept you alive  Zizi and Pia

I kept you alive

You were pounding, thumping  throbbing

For your life

I kept you alive

Your gun was shaking

At the thought of going to war

I kept you alive

Listen to me, look at me

All torn and ripped apart for you

I kept you alive

Believe in me

And I shall remain in you forever

I kept you alive


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The prayers, the prison Sarah

The prison was like a castle of darkness

The prison was like a Tasmanian devil

The praying was like a highway to heaven

The praying was like a lamb in a field


The prison                             Mya

The prison is like a volcano

Pouring out at me

The prison is like a shark's

Circling all around me


The prayers are like a

Calm and clear water

The prayers are like a

Secret of God and a

Horizon of fireflies


Where have you gone? Maddie and Emily

Where are you?

Christmas lights don’t shimmer as bright

Our hearts are cold

Where have you gone?

Where are you?

Everyone is wondering

The dinner table is empty

Where have you gone?

Where are you?

The rivers are closing

Pine needles rushing to the ground

Where have you gone?


Come back

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An infant’s prayer (a class prayer written with key stage 1)

Thank you

For soldiers

Who fought

So we could live

And we pray

For love for one another

For people to be friends together

For kindness to anyone

They died so we could have peace

And play with our friends


Beverley Pawson, Headteacher at Sand Hutton and Warthill Federation said "At Sand Hutton pupils shared their words with parents in a sharing assembly and at Warthill in a moving Remembrance Service where they were joined by veterans. Their contributions were both moving and insightful. We were very grateful for Tony’s input and special involvement."