Last week we had a fantastic week in All Saints Secondary School. We were asked to come in and work with the year 7 children, on the theme of 'being a modern day disciple'. Through the lesson we explored the idea of following and why you might choose to follow someone (including a higher or lower twitter quiz). We then explained why as Christians we choose to follow Jesus and his teachings. The main emphasis of the lesson was based around the great commission where Jesus tells his disciples that they have a job to do but he promises to be with them always. We encouraged the children that God will be with them always if they choose to follow him. The lesson was a great chance to share a bit about our experience, but also stimulate some deep discussion.

We also had chance during the week to work with the whole of year 9 on the theme of 'Faith vs. Science'. Through the lesson we were able to unpack some of the misconceptions that people might hold about science and explain that science is really important and valuable, but it can not answer all of our questions in life - faith can answer some questions that science can't. The young people were able to see through the lesson how science and faith aren't necessarily in conflict with each other, but can in fact compliment each other and it is possible to believe in both science and faith.