Andy and Izzi have been doing a series of assemblies in All Saints school, using a banana eating contest to help the young people think about being open minded to questions of faith. Within the assembly, two willing volunteers agree to take part in a blindfolded banana eating contest. The challenge they are given is to eat their banana as quickly as possible. However after one of the participants has been blindfolded, the other participant is quietly told that they are't going to be blindfolded and don't need to eat the banana. The blindfolded participant races to eat their banana, assuming that the other participant is doing the same. However when their blindfold has been removed they realise that things weren't as they expected. We link this to the idea that in life we can all 'blindfold' ourselves to things, assuming we are right, but it is important to stay open minded and listen to what other people say. We finished the assembly by saying that faith raises a lot of questions and it is important to explore our own views and thoughts.