In the second week of term Tony had the immense privilege and joy of reading my free verse book, ‘The Letters’, along with his son, Joseph, to the year six students at Ralph Butterfield. The story is set in first century Rome and tells the story of a Roman centurion and his son. The father is battle fatigued having lost his legion, and the son is a Christian, although the father doesn’t know this! When a slave girl appears in their house and on the run, and a suspicious senator arrives on the scene with orders for the centurion to guard a prisoner called Paul, the drama begins…

The five sessions in school were amazing and here is a response from some of the students and the teacher:

"In one point I was jumping out of my seat and other parts it was exciting and I wanted to know quickly what happens next" Keegan

"It made my hair on the back of my neck satnd up" Abi

"This book is mindblowing" Finlay

"Tony and his son brought the characters to life through their sometimes beautiful, sometimes entertaining story telling techniques. The children learnt a lot about the Romans and early Christianity along the way and Tony responded knowledgably and sensitively to the children’s questions. The story could be used in many cross curricular ways, and the writing that the children produced in response was stunning. I would highly recommend any school to invite Tony in and let him take you and the children on an imaginative journey"

Liz Daniel, year six teacher