Over the October half term Tony has been working with the whole of year 7 and 8 at All Saints Catholic school exploring the theme of mercy, through discussion, through Bible stories and through poetry. The work the students produced was astonishing, powerful and often deeply moving. Here is an example for you to enjoy. It was also great to have Garrett Troutman from Youth With a Mission with us in many of these lessons. Between us we are now looking at creative ways we can use the poems the students wonderfully wrote. We definetly agree on what the teacher, Jen Wotton, said about the lesson: "The lesson really brought out a depth and power of thinking. There were goose bump moments as the students poems were read out." We hope that you can agree as well after having read this poem.

How was I supposed to know?

How was I supposed to know that He was speaking the truth?

I was there - I watched it happen, I watched him die.

His footsteps echoed across the ground.

His eyes silently pleading for help.

Help, that no-body would give.

Mercy, that no-body would show him.

Love, that no-body could see.

He was gone and the world fell silent - mothers wept and cried on the streets.

But when He was up there - on that cross

He never got the love He did need.

- Lauren Clegg